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Split into Subnets

All devices communicating via Internet Protocol (IP) must have an IP address, either dynamic or static, in order to provide this communication. Devices can communicate with other devices via IP addresses, but the flow diagram is not as easy as it sounds. Let's try to explain this with an example; Think of a school, can a teacher collect and teach all the students of this school in a single class? It will be quite difficult, not everyone will talk, but there will not be much noise ... In order to avoid this complexity, the students are distributed to the classes and a teacher is assigned to each class.

As the existing network structure expands, the Broadcast domain will grow and computers in the entire network will be trapped in the middle of an intense Broadcast traffic. This will affect network performance in the negative direction.

IP addresses are also divided into subnets for the various network scenarios that arise in the same way in order to avoid noise (broadcast traffic) in the environment and to make communication more healthy, or requirements, this process is called Subneting.

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Amado Kasey

Caverion designs, builds, operates and maintains intelligent and energy-efficient solutions for buildings, industries and infrastructures in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. Our revenue for 20...

Alexis Antone

Marsden Rawsthorn is an ambitious and forward thinking legal firm, who are dedicated to getting the right results for you, for the right fee. We understand that consulting a Solicitor usually means yo...

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